New Deacons for the Diocese of Liverpool

Thirteen new Deacons are ordained in the Diocese of Liverpool.

This weekend, the following were ordained as Deacons by Bishop James at Liverpool Cathedral:

Dawn Harrison,
Elaine Jones,
Lyn McIver,
Rebecca Phillips,
Peter Smyth,
Phil Weston,
June Asquith,
Amanda Fairclough,
Stuart Haynes,
Barbara Smith  
Sally-Anne Mason.

Barbara Alldred and Lin Camp will be ordained next week in their parishes by the Bishop of Warrington.

We ask you to pray for them all as they take this important step in their ministry.

Nicholas Anderson, Chair of the House of Clergy, writes: 

"Welcome to our sisters and brothers who will be ordained deacon in such an evocative ordination celebration with family members and friends in our cathedral on Sunday. We pray that you will be faithful to the mission which the Lord Jesus is calling you to. May you always be ready to renew your 'yes' to God, your 'hear I am', each day without reserve. As Bishop James gives you a copy of the Scriptures remember that the Holy Spirit will impress this divine word in your hearts, so that you may bear abundant and lasting fruit."

John Donne's poem to his friend Mr Tilman on his diaconal ordination is still worth reading:

To Mr Tilman after he had taken orders

Art thou the same material, as before,
Only the stamp is changed; but no more?
And as new crowned kings alter the face,
But not the money's substance; so hath grace
Changed only God's old image by creation,
To Christ's new stamp, at this thy coronation.
Or, as we paint angels with wings, because
They bear God's message, and proclaim his laws,
Since thou must do the like, and so must move,
Art thou new feathered with celestial love?

Let then the world thy calling disrespect,
But go thou on, and pity their neglect.
What function is so noble, as to be
Ambassadors to God and destiny?
To open life, to give kingdoms to more
Than kings give dignataries; to keep heavens door?
Mary's prerogative was to bear Christ, so
'Tis preachers' to convey him, for they do
As angels out of clouds, from pulpits speak;
And bless the poor beneath, the lame, the weak.
If then th' astronomers, whereas they spy
a new- found star, their optics magnify,
How brave are those, who with their engines, can
Bring man to heaven, and heaven again to man?
These are thy titles and pre-eminences,
In whom must meet God's graces, men's offences,
And so the heavens which beget all things here,
And the earth our mother, which these things doth bear,
Both these in thee, are in they calling knit,
And make thee now a blessed hermaphrodite.