Meet our new Readers - Victoria Allen

This week we speak to new reader Victoria Allen who has a particular interest in ministry for young people and families.

Q. Why do you think reader ministry is important?/what role will you play in your church?

I think Reader Ministry is important because it enhances the work of the clergy and by working together you can help to preach and teach the Gospel to others.  Working together with my Vicar and fellow Reader is something I am looking forward to.

Q. Where are you from originally, and have you lived/worked elsewhere?

I was born and bred in Liverpool. 

Q. Was your interest in reader ministry gradual, or something you knew you have always wanted to do?

My interest in Reader Ministry is something that grew on me over a period of time,  I started to seriously consider it about six years ago but took a while to realise that this was indeed the right path to take!

Q. What roles did you hold in church before your licensing?

Prior to training I was a member of the Choir and on the PCC, also reading the lessons and intercessions.

Q. Do you have an interest in a particular kind of ministry, and how would you like to develop this?

 I am particularly interested in ministry for young people and families, although I will go wherever God wants me to.

Q. Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I enjoy tracing my family tree and card making.