Meet our new Readers - Ian Merrison

This week we meet Ian Merrison who is now a newly licensed reader from the parish of All Hallows, Allerton.

Q. Why do you think reader ministry is important?/what role will you play in your church?

Reader ministry is important because it can play a crucial role in encouraging the church through word and ministry.  The lay aspect is important.  It is a ministry to serve God and the church.  I will be involved in preaching, leading services, and most recently I have just become the Sunday Club Co-ordinator at All Hallows (my church)!

Q. Where are you from originally, and have you lived/worked elsewhere? 

I am from York and moved to Liverpool in 1990.  My wife, Jenny is from Liverpool.  I came as a student and stayed.  I am the Managing Director of a company we have set up, providing staffing services and projects to children’s centres and schools.  Prior to that I spent many years in community organisations, including the Eldonians, and was a manager there. 

Q. Was your interest in reader ministry gradual, or something you knew you have always wanted to do? 

It was gradual.

Q. What roles did you hold in church before your licensing?

PCC (still on it), leading prayer times, going to house group, CMS group.

Q.  Do you have an interest in a particular kind of ministry, and how would you like to develop this? 

Initially it will be children’s work and this will develop and be the main focus.  However, I have always been interested in supporting missions and have been on many short-term teams, so that will feature at some point, no doubt.

Q.  Do you have any interesting hobbies? 

Walking Sally our dog a couple of times a day!  Walking in the countryside – lakes, dales etc.  Sci-fi geek. I love reading.