Meet our new Readers - Glenys Adams

This week we speak to Glenys Adams who is keen to reach out to young and old, through links with her local school and sheltered housing scheme.

Q. Why do you think reader ministry is important, and what role will you play in your church?

For me, Reader ministry is important because it gives the opportunity for service within the church without being ordained. It means that people who cannot or do not want to go into the priesthood full time can still serve their local church and community. At a time when the number of ordained priests is low it also means that there is continuity in worship and pastoral care.  Also, a lay person, albeit with theological training, can have insights which a full-time minister may not have.

Q. Where are you from originally, and have you lived or worked elsewhere? 

I grew up on the Wirral, and moved to Waterloo in 1988 when I took up a teaching post at St. John’s School. Before that I was at a special residential school in Cheshire, and at a boarding school in South India.

Q. Was your interest in reader ministry gradual, or something you knew you have always wanted to do?

I felt a call towards Reader ministry when I was still working, but it was only after retirement that I felt able to commit the necessary time to it.

Q. What roles did you hold in church before your licensing?

I have various roles within my church, including being an active member of our Shared Ministry Team, heading up our Messy Church, leading sung worship at the beginning of the Sunday service, plus various administrative roles. Since starting Reader training I have been more involved in preparing and leading services and in preaching.

Q. Do you have an interest in a particular kind of ministry, and how would you like to develop this?

My main area of ministry is through Messy Church, but I would like to develop our links with our church school, in whose premises we meet as a church.  I am also looking to begin an informal Bible study / service for residents in our local sheltered housing establishment.

Q. Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Iam fascinated by fossils and rocks.  For me they are wonderful examples of God’s great creativity. I have many interesting examples which I have found on my travels, but unfortunately I have lost my kitchen table in the process.  That is one thing I could do with unearthing at some point.