Meet our new readers – Jenny Brady

We meet our new readers licenced in 2016 in a series of interviews exploring what called them to Reader Ministry.

Q. Why do you think reader ministry is important?

I think that Reader Ministry is important because you can be a Christian presence and witness in your own context- such as your workplace.

Q. Where are you from originally, and have you lived/worked elsewhere?

I lived in Bootle from birth until aged 13, when I moved to Litherland.  I started attending St John and St James Church in Bootle at age 7 and am still there. I worked for Sefton MBC from aged 18 and worked there for 27 years in various capacities- admin worker, youthworker, residential worker, Learning Mentor, Social Worker and Team Manager in Children's Social Care. Since September 2015, I have worked for Knowsley council as an Independent Reviewing Officer- I chair meetings for Looked After Children who live in residential care and foster care and who have plans for adoption.

Q. Was your interest in reader ministry gradual, or something you knew you have always wanted to do?

I first felt called to ordained ministry in 2012, following a very difficult year in 2011. In 2011 I experienced serious illness of my husband, a school move for my daughter and issues in my working life. God was present throughout and I felt that I needed to serve him on a full time basis. However, the path was not straight and it seemed ordination was not the way forward.  However, in 2014- my incumbent and other people on the shared ministry team felt that I should explore Reader Ministry.  The path was much straighter this time and I was selected for training.

Q. What roles did you hold in church before your licensing?

I am a member of the PCC, I am a member of the Shared Ministry Team and  I am the Lay Chair of Sefton South Deanery. I have been involved in preaching. leading services and small study groups.

Q.  Do you have an interest in a particular kind of ministry, and how would you like to develop this?

I love preaching and leading and want to develop this ministry as fully as possible.

Q.  Do you have any interesting hobbies?

I love reading, spending time with my husband, daughter and family. I go to the gym and I love going on holiday when I can, as I really like the sun!

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