Meet our new deacons - Laura Leatherbarrow

Laura will be working within the East Widnes Team.

Q. What is your background? Previous jobs/life experiences before your calling?

My background has been in nursing specializing both in palliative care (I have also worked as a Marie curie nurse) and then Cardiology. I ended up in management within the NHS with a variety of skills from policy making, disciplinary s, to working with young people in the workforce and taking on the role of work experience placing officer this ran alongside my role of Knowledge and Skills Framework Lead for the Trust. I was also a workplace coach and mentor. My role included being a teacher for nursing skills as well as career advisor, and it was a real buzz when watching a career develop. . I was also the education officer for the Trade union for Liverpool acute branch as well as an employment relations rep.

Q. What called you into ministry?

GOD! It was a clear calling which I had probably suppressed from when I was younger which came about 6 years ago.

Q. What excited you? 

The idea that I could make a difference within Gods church I believe that Gods love for me is fostered within a relationship and I wished to be able to share that with others. I felt called to be with people were hurting.

Q.  What challenged you?

Everything I really didn't think I was up to being called and I certainly didn't think I was good enough, however I knew I had to be obedient to Gods call. I am also disabled so also thought that may be a barrier.

Q.  Is there a particular aspect of ministry that you are most passionate about and why?

I love fostering vocation, and helping to guide people into finding their calling! This has grown in me over the last number of years and a talent that has been spotted in me by others. I also believe in the young and those in their early 20's and the mission of the church. I believe passionately that we need to be creating relationships in the places that God places us.  I am also for obvious reasons also am very passionate about bereavement and care of the dying, and those who are disabled within our communities

Q.  What parish will you be serving in?

Q.  What opportunities and experiences are you looking forward to?

Everything! But I am looking to start those relationships early on and to get to know the people in the parish. I want to talk to people about Christ and His love for all.

Q.  What are your hopes for the future?

For now that I can be a good Deacon and serve the team in which I have been placed by God. I also am looking forward to my priestly ministry in the future.

Q.  Any other info you would like to add...

My son is a Cathedral Chorister and my husband is also training to be a priest so our lives are a busy bundle of fun and God filled opportunity.