Meet our new deacons - Dave Lowrie

This week we meet Dave who is based in St Luke's Crosby.

Q. What is your background? Previous jobs/life experiences before your calling?

I've had a whole range of experiences.  After a stint as a youth and homeless worker, I worked in coffee shops while setting up a coffee shop with my now wife Lizzie.  It was a great short run we had as an idie cafe with prayer space and live music before we had to close down but out of that we got married.  After that I had a couple of different web design and development jobs but inevitably couldn't keep away from doing more and more stuff in church.

Q. What called you into ministry? What excited you, what challenged you?

I was invited onto a short term mission at the age of 19 and was ignited with a passion for God's mission.  Ever since this call has directed my life and it has taken different forms, this is call is part of that great call.  Even compared to ten years ago it seems people are much more open to hearing about Jesus and that has got to be exciting.

Q. Is there a particular aspect of ministry that you are most passionate about and why?

The fringes excite me. God's love keeps reaching out and out, he's the type to leave 99 sheep to go and get the 1.  He sent His church further and further out and I am passionate about being faithful to that commission.

Q. What parish will you be serving in? What opportunities and experiences are you looking forward to?

St Luke's Crosby.  I'm keeping an open mind as to what the future will hold, I would hate to rush in.  The people of St Luke's are welcoming and creative. There are some brilliant things going on there and I can't wait to join them in that.

Q. What are your hopes for the future?

I wrote my dissertation on disciples in the New Testament so right now I can't see past making disciples!