Meet our new deacons - Dave Collier

Dave is originally from Warwick, Warwickshire. He has worked in the building industry, and was already in full time ministry with the Church Army as an evangelist before being called to be ordained.

Q. What is your background? Previous jobs/life experiences before your calling?

I was the fifth child of six, born in Warwick Warwickshire. Almost straight from school I worked in the building industry, first in sales in a Builders merchants at a trade counter before moving to work for a main contractor sourcing materials for large building sites both housing and industrial units. I am married to Dina, and between us we have two daughters and a son. We also have a granddaughter and twin (identical) grandsons with another ion the way.
Q. What called you into ministry? What excited you, what challenged you?

I was already in full time ministry with the Church Army as an evangelist and was very happy working in Page Moss in Huyton. The time came when it was suggested (not for the first time) that I consider becoming a parish priest, however unlike the previous times when my reply had been to dismiss this suggestion to my surprise I went home and reflected on this and in time started the process of looking at being ordained. At first it had been a response to what other people had said but in time all I can say is that it felt right with God to continue this process. It was also during this time that I began to realise just how important the Eucharist was to me and that I wanted to take this to God’s people. This change in ministry is exactly what it is to be ordained is not a promotion or to say that one ministry is more important than another but that it is just different. Working with people is the thing that excites me most about ministry and to work in the Liverpool Diocese where mission is important excites me even more.
Q. Is there a particular aspect of ministry that you are most passionate about and why?

Enabling others to tell their stories about how they came to faith, also to remind people how they felt when they first came to faith and to reignite that enthusiasm so that people hear everyday people telling what a difference God has made to their lives.
Q. What parish will you be serving in? What opportunities and experiences are you looking forward to?

I will be serving at St Peter’s and St James Birkdale, in many ways this is a complete change for me as I have previously only worked on outer city estates, however people are people wherever they live and I’m sure that we will all have a great time telling our stories.
Q. What are your hopes for the future?

I have been so blessed during my time in ministry all that I can really hope for is more of the same.