Meet our new deacons - Anne Kazich

Following on from their ordinations, we will be bringing you interviews with each of our new deacons. The first in the series is with Anne Kazich who is originally from Hamburg, Germany.

Q. What is your background? Previous jobs/life experiences before your calling?

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, I came to England in 1998 and worked as a doctor in a hospital. I did my GP training in the UK and stayed in my training practice in Liverpool, becoming a partner in 2004. After I moved to Fairfield in 2000 I became an active member of then St John’s church (which 2 years ago was one of the four parishes that became All Saints Liverpool) – a member of the worship team (eventually leading it), member of the PCC, vision and healing team and involved with various other bits and pieces. Church has always been a part of my life as I grew up in a Christian family, but it wasn’t until my teenage years that I understood that God wanted a relationship with me. Since then I have been on this exciting journey of being a follower of Christ!

Q. What called you into ministry? What excited you, what challenged you?

I should think not so much what, but who: God! Trying to get my attention through my involvement in church as well as several people over probably the last 20 years, God gently planted in heart and head the idea that He is calling me into full time ministry. I always had a passion for worship, healing and enabling people to come into the presence of God, being set free and made whole. In 2007 I embarked on a 2 year course with Chris Bowater called ‘worship academy’ as I thought this is what I will get involved with more. Whilst a huge blessing for me I realised after the 2 years that this is still not filling this little hole in my heart that told me that there is more to my life than full time work as a GP and lay involvement in church. So I finally embarked on the selection process. What excites me is the fact that God knows me and despite that wants to work with me! It excites me to be part of His kingdom work, to offer what He has given me to be developed more and for me to become more the person He created me to be – and in and with that be a witness to Him that invites others to make the same experience of joy, healing, wholeness. It excites me that God is able to transform lives, families, whole communities and nations, that indeed we are very good news to share! What challenges me is the temptation to think I can do it out of my own strength and ability; I am challenged by the fact that Jesus asks me to follow His example in loving the people around me as He does; it challenges me to trust God with everything, to trust Him to provide for all – rather than relying on money, mind and expertise. It challenges me knowing how vulnerable and fragile I am, yet God wants to use me!

Q. Is there a particular aspect of ministry that you are most passionate about and why?

Apart from worship and healing ministry I am very passionate about discipleship - encouraging, enabling people to develop an intimate relationship with God that transforms their life. I find it fascinating that statistically the West has nowadays probably more Christians than ever (on paper), yet our societies have become more and more secular. For me this is not solved by programs, legislation or else, but by people learning again with heart and head to live by God’s, by Christian, virtues that make other people turn their heads saying: I want what you have!

Q. What parish will you be serving in? What opportunities and experiences are you looking forward to?

I will be serving at The Oaks in Skelmersdale with Rev Duncan Petty. It is a fresh expression that has no church building, but a community house on the Tanhouse Estate. I am looking forward to meet the people, to experience and learn a ministry style of which I know little about and as their profile says: to learn together what it means to be a follower of Jesus in challenging times and places. There is loads to experiment with, plenty of schools to get into, new ministry opportunities (for example ex-offenders, people affected by mental health problems) as well as New Monasticism and ecumenical opportunities. I will also work with St Pauls ‘next door’ for certain requirements of my training.

Q. What are your hopes for the future?

That I will stay faithful to God’s calling, that I see His work in other people’s lives and myself living out the potential He has given me! I hope that churches, God’s people, can challenge and turn around poverty, inequalities, unfair and unjust treatment and practices and that the UK will be known as a country where God reigns!

Q. Any other info you would like to add...

Please keep in your prayers all those who have positions of responsibility and leadership in God’s church!