Meet our new Readers - Victoria Raby

This week we meet Victoria Raby who serves at St James church in Birkdale.

Bishop Richard recently licensed sixteen new Readers at the Cathedral. Many of them have kindly agreed to share their stories with us.

Victoria Raby

Victoria, who works for the NHS, has been attending St James Birkdale since she was baptised there at the age of 16. Victoria became a Christian through the Christian Fellowship at her Senior school, Scarisbrick Hall, when she was 12.

Victoria has been involved in numerous activities at church over the years, including the summer holiday club, junior church, CYFA, PCC, leading home groups, and she directed a Christian panto there just before going to university.

Victoria studied medicine at Jesus College, Cambridge, but decided not to carry on to clinical school. She still wanted to work for the NHS, so joined the graduate management training scheme in 2005, during which she studied for a masters.

Victoria has worked at two hospitals, a primary care trust, and in London at the Department of Health. "I am now working at my local hospital, managing general medicine, A&E and spinal injuries, which is very busy and keeps me out of mischief!” Victoria says.

Victoria believes that her Reader training has helped her explore and develop her own gifts and talents.

“I feel that God has affirmed a number of gifts in me. I really love doing the sermons at family services (and thankfully also receive positive feedback!), involving the children and young people and trying to teach a point in a visual and active way to all ages.

“My dad passed away just over two years ago, just after I had completed my first year of Reader training, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour just three months earlier. He was only 54, and sadly did not see a lot of my preaching and leading, but I now preach off the lectern in church which is dedicated to him. We were/are extremely close as a family and they are my support system, alongside the hugely encouraging church family I am a part of at St James, for which I am very grateful.”

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