Meet our new Readers - John Crawford

Bishop Richard recently licensed 16 new Readers at Liverpool Cathedral.

They will each serve at parishes across the Diocese. This week we meet John Crawford, who serves at Trinity Anglican/Methodist Page Moss.

John has been a Christian for 30 years from having an encounter with God.

Since becoming a Christian, John has been heavily engaged in local ministry, including being church/community centre manager and a warden at his local church.

John says, "I thought about the readership ministry many times over the years and always rejected it as not being for me.

"I felt as though I had found my role but God knew differently; he was only training me for the next stage that he wanted me to undertake on his behalf."

Since 2008 John has been employed as a lay pastor and subsequently became Minister in Charge at Trinity Anglican/Methodist Church in Page Moss.

He adds, "It is truly a real privilege to be the hands, feet and mouth of God himself and to be taking his message into one of the most deprived areas of the country. Page Moss is a place that has seen its share of problems over the years, but is also a place that God wants to work so that’s why he has called me there, to assist in that work.

"One of the job requirements was to either be a Reader or be willing to train, so I enrolled three years ago.

“I found the course very demanding due to the time needed to complete the assignments and balancing the pressure of my ministry and never having done a similar course but I got on with the task and here I am, a fully licensed Reader.

“I would not have been able to have completed the course but for the support I received from family, a colleague and a fellow student who all kept me walking the way of the course during the difficult times."

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