Meet our New Readers - Dr. Jonathan Lock

This week we meet Dr. Jonathan Lock, who serves at Aughton Christ Church.

Bishop James recently licensed 12 new Readers who now serve in parishes across the Diocese of Liverpool. Many of them have kindly chosen to share their stories with us. This week we meet Dr. Jonathan Lock, who serves at Aughton Christ Church.

Originally from London, Jonathan grew up in a Christian family in an Anglican Church, and went to Manchester to study Medicine, where he also took some time out to study Psychology. Jonathan said, “It was during that time that I questioned the faith I had inherited and became convinced that it was actually true and reasonable. I met my wife in Manchester and as she is from Liverpool she enticed me to her city! She became a Christian through an independent church - Long Lane Church in Garston - and I joined her church.”

Jonathan has been serving the community of Croxteth for the last 27 years as a GP and is a Senior Partner in an eight doctor practice. His passion for inner city ministry, which began as a student when he attended a church in Manchester, led him to set up his GP practice in Liverpool. Jonathan says, “All the partners are Christians and we aim to show something of God's love for Croxteth in the way we run the practice.”

Jonathan is also involved with Liverpool Primary Care Trust and is the Mental Health Lead for North Liverpool. His interest in mental health goes back twenty five years when he helped to found Reach – a Christian Counselling Agency that offers high quality counselling from a Christian perspective.

Jonathan and his wife attended a few independent churches around the city, but five years ago they felt drawn back to the Anglican Church and felt that God had new work for them. Jonathan had joined the leadership team and music group of his previous church, took services and gave occasional talks, and this got him wondering whether God might have a role for him as a Reader. With encouragement from his vicar, he started the course three years ago and is now looking forward to his new role at Christ Church Aughton.

He said: “After deciding to rejoin the Anglican Church, my wife and I decided to visit some of the local Anglican churches. We went to Christ Church Aughton first, and felt so welcomed there that we didn't visit any other churches! I am looking forward to seeing how my ministry as a Reader will develop. I also have a particular interest in music and hope to encourage links within the church between the musicians and the leadership.”