Meet our new Readers - David Foxford

This week we meet David Foxford, who serves at Eccleston St Luke.

This September, Bishop Richard licensed sixteen new Readers, all of whom will serve at parishes across the Diocese. Many of them have been kind enough to share their story with us. 

David Foxford

Originally from Cardiff, David attended School of Biblical studies in 1993/94 with Youth A Mission in Nuneaton, where he met his wife, Stina. After they were married in Finland, Stina wanted to continue studying and the couple moved from Cardiff to St. Helens in 1995.

David said, “After five years we sought to attend a different church to the one we had been attending and we joined St Luke’s church. Even though I was not familiar with the Anglican way of doing things, (Stina was more familiar with it coming from a Lutheran background), we settled in well. A number of years later someone said to me ‘Have you ever thought about being a Reader?

“In 2005 I had to give up work due to a disability and then in 2008 I asked Paul, our Vicar, about being a Reader and things have progressed from there.”

Now David is preaching, leading services and helping within the service. He also performs other important tasks, such as welcoming people into St Luke’s, baptism visiting, and co-leading the prayer meeting, all with Stina.

David added, “Even though the training was three years of hard work, the reward of serving God and the church outweighs it all.

“When I was young I gave my life to Jesus because even then I knew that it was the right thing to do. When I was 14 God put it in my heart to be a minister and preach His word. So what God said to me when I was 14 came about in a way I never thought would have happened. What God promises, He will also provide the way despite the circumstance. My training is not completely finished yet, and God is not finished with me either.”

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