Meet our new Readers - Craig Jevins

Bishop Richard recently licensed 16 new Readers, who serve across the Diocese of Liverpool. Many of them have chosen to share their stories with us. This week we meet Craig Jevins, who serves at the Parr Team Benefice

Craig has been married to Sandra for 22 years and they have two daughters, Joanne and Deborah. They have been worshiping at Holy Trinity for most of their lives, had their daughters christened there and were married there.

Craig says he has the vicar at Holy Trinity, John Draycott, to thank for encouraging him to take a look at doing a course despite having no academic background.

Craig adds, “Doing my first sermon, things started to fit together for me to try the course.

“Doing the Readers course has helped me to grow in different ways, not just with my Bible but with me learning about my gifts and talents.”

Craig works in a bakery in Leigh after being made redundant while working in another bakery in St Helens. This had been the second time of being made redundant.

He adds, “This helped me to understand how a man feels when he loses his job and why we talk about being the ‘bread winner’.

“As for the future, I hope that we can get more small groups going. Evangelism is a big part of the church’s life but also to make disciples, not just church-goers.”