Meet our new Reader - Christine Monaghan

This week we meet Christine (Chris) Monaghan who serves at St Michael's Church in Huyton.

Bishop Richard Licensed 16 new Readers at a special service at the Cathedral this week. All will go on to serve at parishes across the Diocese.

Many of them have agreed to share their stories with us.

Christine Monaghan

Chris has have been a member of Huyton parish church for over 20 years and has been involved in many aspects: magazine editor, PCC member, Brownie Guider leader.

As a mature dance and drama student Chris has contributed liturgical dance and drama for church services and worship and also sings and plays guitar in the music group that leads worship every Sunday morning.

Chris says, “For some time now, I have felt God has called me to leadership. This has been very much supported and encouraged by my vicar, Revd Canon John Stanley, and he invited me to become a member of the ministry team which has certainly helped in the preparation for God calling me to Readership.

"I am particularly looking forward to being involved in the new developments we are giving to pastoral care in our church, I think it is a very important aspect of church life.

“I also endeavour to use my pastoral gifts in my role as a full-time welfare benefits adviser, particularly because I work with cancer patients in two Liverpool hospitals.”

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