Meet our new Deacons - Tracey McLoughlin

This week we meet Tracey McLoughlin who serves at the parish of Skelmersdale St Paul.

Tracey McLoughlin serves at the parish of Skelmersdale St Paul, and comes to Skelmersdale from the parish of All Saints Kensington. Tracey is also joined by Cuthbert Jackson who was also ordained at St Paul’s on the same day.

Tracey was a teaching assistant in an inner city Liverpool primary school for eight years before feeling called to ordination. She also has a degree from Liverpool Hope in Theology and Religious Studies with Human and Applied Biology.

Tracey has been involved with church for the last 21 years, and has been on both leadership and worship teams. During her time as a teaching assistant she also helped develop links between the school and church. Tracey has three children and one grandchild.

Tracey said, “I've always known the presence of God in my life and that I wanted to do something in the church which felt that I was part of His family. However, with a young family and responsibilities, I felt that the time was never right to progress any further. When the 'time' was right, I originally intended to go into Reader ministry and then consider ordained ministry. However, after conversations and advice from people in church I decided to follow the path to ordination. It has been a challenge academically, and finding the time to fit it in with full time work but has been very rewarding and it has given me a real sense of accomplishment.”

She added, “My ministry is one where I would like to take the 'church' into the community and to get alongside people where they are. With the issues faced by people today it is important that the church is there for them, not contained inside a building. I am from Liverpool and looking forward to the move to Skelmersdale, to a new place, new church and new horizons!

"When I came here I felt it was the right place, and after talking with the vicar, seeing the church and its tradition and style, meeting some of the people and finding out about the parish and its issues, had a real sense that it was where God wanted me to be. I am looking forward to serving the people of Skelmersdale and being a part of the parish life.” 


Are you feeling called?

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