Meet our new Deacons - Tim Stanford

In the last of our profiles, we meet Tim Stanford, who serves at Walton Breck Christ Church and Holy Trinity.

Bishop Richard recently ordained sixteen new Deacons and they have kindly agreed to share their stories with us.

Tim serves alongside Andy Brown, who was also ordained at Liverpool Cathedral on the same day as Tim.

Tim Stanford

Tim spent most of his life in Hampshire and worked as a motor mechanic and AA patrol man, but his first job with the church army was in Old Harlow, where he focussed on evangelism and took part in outreach work, including school assemblies, puppet work, and running events in his local pub.

It was whilst at Old Harlow that he saw the role of Associate Minster advertised at Walton Breck Christ Church and Holy Trinity in 2007.

“The advertisement really stayed with me, and I kept going back to it,” said Tim. “I knew that the role would be nothing like where I was at Old Harlow, and at the last minute I applied and was invited for interview. When I went for interview, I realised that it would be a big change, but I am now very glad that I am here.”

Whilst at Walton Breck Christ Church and Holy Trinity, Tim felt called to ordination, something that he had been thinking about for five years. Tim says that he doesn’t see his ordination as a step up from the Church Army, but rather a different way of serving God and the community.

Tim says that he is extremely happy to be serving in Liverpool. “The warmth of the people really struck me and my wife immediately. We have been accepted into the community straight away and with such warmth. There are many places across the country where this wouldn’t happen so quickly.”

Tim says that he also enjoys working with alongside the staff at Holy Trinity and Christ Church, where Andy Brown, another newly ordained Deacon, is also based.

Tim is looking at ways of engaging with the local community, such as running a pub quiz at the Flat Iron in Anfield.

“I hope to engage with the community in places where community already happens,” says Tim. “We are also encouraging more Christian quiz teams to come along and be a part of that environment and build on the already strong sense of community.”