Meet our new Deacons - Michael Leyden

This week we meet Michael Leyden, who serves at Rainhill St Ann.

This July, Bishop Richard ordained 17 new Deacons, all of whom will serve in parishes across the Diocese of Liverpool.

They have each agreed to share the stories of their path to ordination with us. This week we meet Michael Leyden, who serves at Rainhill St Ann.

Michael Leyden

Michael became a Christian at secondary school through the influence of several teachers.

Michael says, "It was a real eye opener for me and I began to read and study lots. About a year or so later I started to feel particularly drawn to ordained ministry. It wasn't a flash of revelation, just a developing interest in ministry, sharing my faith, and helping other Christians to grow in their faith. I was active in the Christian Union in school, but at that time had absolutely no desire to be a vicar! I put the idea aside and carried on with life."

Michael was encouraged by his vicar and several friends to think again about ordination. At St Peter’s College Oxford, where Michael studied for his undergraduate degree in theology, several people – including the chaplain and the Master - also asked him if he had considered what God might be calling him to do in the future.

Whilst completing research for his Masters in theology and ethics, he eventually went forward for ordination selection and moved to Nottingham to complete his ordination training. Michael is married to Anna whom he met at Oxford and they have a daughter, Eliana.

Michael said, "I'm really pleased to be returning home to Liverpool Diocese after
several years away from Liverpool - especially so close to where I grew up in Huyton.

"I am really looking forward to experiencing all of the different elements of ministry. I
love being with people of all ages and from all different backgrounds and their hearing stories. Rainhill Parish is of such variety that I'm really looking forward to meeting people over a cuppa!"