Meet our new Deacons - Julie Anderson

This week we meet Julie Anderson, who serves at Christ Church Norris Green

In July, Bishop Richard ordained 17 new Deacons at the Cathedral.

They have each agreed to share their journey to ordination with us. This week we meet Julie Anderson, who serves at Christ Church Norris Green.

Julie is originally from Durham but lived at Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire before training at St John’s College Nottingham. Julie has two children and three grandchildren.

Whilst living in Huntingdon, Julie spent twelve years as a technical assistant on a motorway, arranging road maintenance and ensuring the safety of travellers by arranging litter picking and road gritting.

After Julie’s husband sadly died in 2006, Julie says that she needed a new focus so changed job, becoming a PA at Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge for two years, where she helped run a busy clinic, administered the theatre diary for the consultants and had daily contact with doctors and patients, a job which Julie says she enjoyed because of its unpredictability and challenge.

Julie says, “After years of searching for what it was God wanted me to do, and being an active part of church life, I realised that He was calling me to Reader ministry and I trained and was licensed in 2005. I enjoyed a wonderful ministry in St Mary Magdalene Church in Brampton.

“I was happy with my calling and did not give ordained ministry another thought. Sadly my husband died in December 2006 and in the following October the Archdeacon asked if I had ever thought about going forward for ordination

“I laughed – no way! Over the following few months, over a dozen people asked me the same thing in different ways and so I thought that maybe I should at least ask the question so that I could reassure them that this was not an option! Of course, when I started to investigate the possibility, and I asked some trusted friends what they thought they all said absolutely yes! I was stunned.

“During the interview process before selection, the comment that, “Julie’s personality is too big for the Church of England,” could have been a hurdle but others sensed that whilst big, my personality could be used to my and the church’s advantage and I was selected.”

Julie says that she is not called to one type of ministry in particular, but loves working with older people and those who are widowed.

Julie added, “I have never been to Liverpool before, so this is going to be one of the biggest challenges I have ever had. I asked God for a quiet, country church with lots of older people to look after and a beautiful building that I could admire. I am at Norris Green which does not have a church building and the congregation is made up of every age and I don’t think anyone would classify it as countrified - but I love being here and the people I have met are just amazing. I couldn’t ask for more and I thank God that I recognised that he knows better than me!”