Meet our new Deacons - Harry Greenhalgh

Each week we will introduce you to our new Deacons. This week we meet Harry Greenhalgh who serves at Winwick St Oswald.

On July 3rd, Bishop Richard ordained 17 new Deacons, all of whom will serve in parishes across the Diocese of Liverpool.

They have each agreed to share the stories of their path to ordination with us. This week we meet Harry Greenhalgh, who serves at Winwick St Oswald.

Deacons perform certain key duties within the parish, including the baptism of new Christians. Deacons will then normally spend a year working as an assistant to a vicar before the Bishop ordains them to the priesthood when they are also able to celebrate Holy Communion and conduct marriages.

Ordination is an important and ancient part of the Church of England. The tradition stretches back to the early Christian church and it recognises the importance of having ministers who can, through the way they conduct their lives, point others to the love and fellowship of Jesus.

Those ordained have all felt a strong call to offer themselves to God’s service. This call has been examined and tested and the Ordinands have then undergone rigorous education in biblical and theological studies as well as the practicalities of being a minister in today’s Church of England.

Harry Greenhalgh

Harry is 57 and is originally from Leigh in Lancashire and was brought up in Blackpool where his family still live. Harry works for North West Ambulance Service as an Ambulance Patient Transport Driver (non emergency), caring for patients to and from hospital for appointments or discharges, and has just received an award for 20 years service.

Harry was previously a member of John's Church Leigh in the Diocese of Manchester where he was churchwarden for several years.

Harry says, “I originally came to worship at St Oswald’s in Winwick due to having friends there, and I am so glad that my calling is allowing me to stay here. I am really looking forward to serving the people of Winwick through my ordained ministry. It is a great community and I hope to use and develop my skills in my new role at St Oswald’s.”