Meet our new Deacons - Eileen Heaney

This week we meet Eileen Heaney, who serves at Burscough Bridge St John.

On July 3rd, Bishop Richard ordained 17 new Deacons, all of whom will serve in parishes across the Diocese of Liverpool.

They have each agreed to share the stories of their path to ordination with us. this week we meet Eileen Heaney, who serves at Burscough Bridge, St John.

Eileen Heaney

Eileen is originally from Bootle but has spent most of her adult life in the Scarisbrick area, and has worshipped at St John’s for nine years, where she will now serve.

Alongside her ministry, Eileen will continue to work as a Safer School Police Officer, where she builds links with schools and teaches young people about safety and crime and danger prevention. Eileen also facilitates restorative work between young people and the community.

Eileen came back to faith ten years ago with her sister, Elaine, when they began a prayer group in their local church and Christian club for their local school.

Eileen said, “We both really wanted to study and learn about God, and eventually we were asked to consider ordained ministry. My sister wanted to train as soon as possible, but I needed to consider it as I felt I was doing worthwhile work in the Police.

"We were both selected to start our training and Elaine was ordained as a priest this year, with me being ordained as a Deacon in July. We have supported each other through the whole process which I am extremely thankful for. I am also really happy that I can combine my ministry with my work in a community that I know so well and am proud to be a part of.”

Rev Richard Jones, vicar at St John the Baptist said, “It is a joy to welcome Eileen to share in the ministry of St. John's as part time Curate. Drawing upon her active contribution as a parishioner and experiences in the workplace, Eileen will continue to help develop our ongoing ministry. Her passion for the Lord; warm and lively personality and ease with people and communication skills are great assets as her formal ministry begins.”