Meet our new Deacons - Dave Griffiths Jones

This week we meet Dave Griffiths Jones, who serves at the parish of St Cleopas, Toxteth.

The parish of St Cleopas, Toxteth, is to welcome Dave Griffiths Jones as a new deacon.

Dave was one of eleven new deacons ordained by the Bishop of Liverpool at Liverpool Cathedral.

Originally from Essex, Dave spent six years in London between university and ordination, where he held a variety of church-based roles. His most recent role was as an Assistant Minister for a church in Penge, London, carrying out work with schools and youth groups as well as preaching. Dave is married with three children.

Dave came to faith in his late teens, after taking part in a Church Pastoral Aid Society venture holiday, and listening to preaching at church.

Dave said, “I was especially inspired by one sermon about Jesus saying that, like a doctor wants to see sick people, he's come for sinners, not the righteous. Since then, I've wanted to share the message of God's generosity with anyone who'll listen.”

He continued, “After university I spent a year working for my church, carrying out administrative tasks and looking after the building, but I wanted to test out my gifts and calling in a pastor-teacher direction, so I took on roles where I got to try out Bible-teaching and telling people about Jesus full time. I loved it, and a few years later that path led to ordination.”

Dave says that he is interested in all aspects of ministry, and anything that “involves proclaiming Christ, making disciples, and building up other Christians to serve him and make him known in the world.”

Dave said he is looking forward to serving at St Cleopas Toxteth. He added, “There were numerous reasons why as a family we felt that St Cleopas was right for us. We have the chance to serve and learn in an urban environment in a church that puts discipleship, evangelism and social action together at the heart of its mission. I am also really looking forward to learning from the congregation and clergy.”