Meet our new Deacons - Bill Addy

Look out each week for a profile on one of our new deacons. This week we meet Bill Addy who will serve at Fazakerley Emmanuel.

The Parish of Fazakerley Emmanuel is to welcome Bill Addy as a new Deacon. Bill was one of eleven new Deacons ordained by the Bishop of Liverpool at Liverpool Cathedral on July 1st.

Bill is married to Pauline and they live with their son Jonathan. Bill runs a commercial property consultancy and will continue his business alongside his ministry. He has worked in construction for more than thirty years primarily in Liverpool and North Wales, starting his own business in 2009.

“I started my ordination training at the same time as starting my business, which was a real challenge. Both were steep learning curves, but I found that my training actually helped support me in my work. I developed in my faith journey alongside developing professionally.”

Bill joined the Boys Brigade at All Saints Church Childwall as a child and had attended church his whole life until the death of his ten year old son, David in 1996. “I felt angry, and I walked away from God – but I came to realise that God didn’t walk away from me,” says Bill.

After regaining his faith Bill says he felt a call to serve in early 2005 but at first he wasn’t sure, “I became a PCC member at All Saints, and after doing that for a few years, Gary Renison, the Vicar, asked me whether I had thought about ordination. I kept the idea to myself and my family for a year to really think about it. I felt that this was something God was pushing me to do, even though I had never considered it before.”

Bill continues, “I started training with the realisation that God would equip me with the skills to carry out His plan. I hadn’t studied for years – not since I was at Liverpool Polytechnic. Most people my age were thinking about retirement and I was thinking about a new phase of ministry! However, God called me, and I followed.”

The order of Deacon enables Bill to perform certain key duties within a parish, including the baptism of new Christians. Deacons will then normally spend a year working as an assistant to a vicar before the Bishop ordains them to the priesthood when they are also able to celebrate Holy Communion and conduct marriages. Bill also has a special interest in encouraging more men to come to church.

Although he will miss All Saints, Bill says he is excited at the move to Fazakerley Emmanuel, “The last time I was in Fazakerley was 30 years ago, then I was working on people’s houses as a project manager . Before I was appointed, I went along to a service at the church without telling anyone who I was, and I felt immediately welcome, so I knew I wanted to be there in ordained ministry.”