Meet our new Deacons - Anne Lawlor

This week we meet Anne Lawlor, who serves at the parish of Everton St John Chrysostom.

The parish of Everton St John Chrysostom has welcomed Anne Lawlor as a new deacon. Anne was one of eleven new deacons ordained by the Bishop of Liverpool at Liverpool Cathedral on July 1st.

Anne began her career as Special Educational Needs teacher in East London, before retraining as a secondary school RE teacher. Anne taught in a Church of England School in Stepney with a 95% intake of Muslim pupils, teaching GCSE and A Levels in both Islam and Christianity. Anne says that looking back, her decision to retrain as an RE teacher was the beginning of her calling to ordination.

“I became a Christian in my 30s. A big turning point for me was a visit I made to Iona one Easter to visit a friend. I came back and started to look at the world differently. I knew that there was something bigger that we were all a part of. ”

The calling began to get stronger for Anne, and it took around six years between her first feeling of being called to actually going forward for ordination. “The feeling came and went throughout this period and I resisted it for a while,” says Anne.

In the meantime, Anne worshipped at St James in Bethnal Green, where she joined the PCC and led a home group before becoming a churchwarden and leading worship. Wanting to become even more involved, Anne went part time in her teaching role and became a pastoral assistant at St Paul’s Marylebone.

“I loved it there,” says Anne. “It was this role that made me realise this is where God wants me to be - in urban ministry.”

Anne’s husband is originally from Salford and is looking forward to the move back up North. Anne said, “We have had a really warm welcome so far and met a lovely bunch of people, and we are really looking forward to our ministry in Liverpool, and bringing the love of Christ into the world.”

Are you feeling called?

LifeCall - a one-stop vocations event - takes place at Liverpool Cathedral on 29th September. It has been designed to help you discover your Christian vocation whatever that may be.