Making it Easier to access the information you need

The Making it Easier section of our new website is designed to make it faster and easier for you to find the information that you need - whichever route you take.

The structure on the main Making it Easier page (which you can access by clicking the tab at the top of the home page) offers two different routes to the information you require:

Roles - clergy, readers and parish officers. Each of these takes you to a dedicated page filled with links to all of the resources and information that you may need to fulfill your role.

Processes (Making it easier to...). We know that the responsibilities attached to roles can vary, so you can find what you need according to the process or action that you want to take.

This could be looking for advice on how to manage your buildings, support younger people, communicate well, grow your church, safeguard your parish, govern your parish well, manage a vacancy and much more.

For even greater ease, the Making it Easier tab at the top of the homepage has shorter versions of these titles on a dropdown menu so that you can click straight through.   

The pages for each process and role also have, on the right hand side, links to the latest news and events that may be of use to you so you don't miss out on new information.

All of the roles and processes are cross referenced so everyone gets to the same information – via the route that suits them best.