Lowton pupils grilled Bishop Paul

The Bishop of Liverpool visited Lowton CofE High School as part of his Grill a Bishop tour of secondary schools.

Being entertained by the band Jinxed, playing games of Jenga and being probed about his favourite football team were all part of a day’s visit to Lowton School recently. Bishop Paul was there as part of his Grill a Bishop tour which he is carrying out this year.

The tour will see the bishop visit every Church of England secondary school in our diocese during 2016. He is keen to meet end engage with pupils who can ask him any question on any topic they like.

Ahead of the visit Bishop Paul had asked pupils a big question – how could they make a difference – and was delighted to see so many of their responses peppered around the school.

At Lowton Bishop Paul also opened their Community Education Centre and was entertained by a school choir and an excellent band – Jinxed who regaled him with a White Stripes classic. Bishop Paul also had some cupcakes in his honour.

The Bishop was then grilled by Year 7 and 8 pupils followed by a similar encounter with year 9 and 10s. Each session started with a perilous game of Jenga where you could not only set the tower toppling but some bricks contained challenging questions in themselves.

Bishop Paul said “this was a brilliant visit and I am delighted with the way pupils and staff engaged with me and asked me a host of challenging questions. I was also impressed with the level of responses that they gave to the question I asked. Meeting people, sharing stories, asking and answering questions is a big difference we can all make and I look forward to all of these visits.”

Next on the grill a bishop tour will be St Margarets Academy