Listen again to award winning remembrance Act of Worship

BBC Radio Merseyside Daybreak programme won the prestigious Jerusalem Trust Award for long form radio recently. The award was for their Remembrance Sunday Act of Worship in 2015. You can hear that act of worship again this Sunday.

The worship was led by Padre Fran Myatt, Vicar at St John’s Walton and former Army Chaplain who spoke movingly and passionately about his experiences in modern day conflict.

Padre Fran explained “I wanted to share my story about the men and women who I served with. To convey also the modern day result of loss for Mothers and Fathers, sisters and brothers. To put this into the context of worship was an important and I was grateful to Helen Jones and all at Radio Merseyside for giving me this opportunity.”

The Jerusalem Trust Awards are the most prestigious in religious broadcasting attracting entries from a range of national, regional and digital broadcasters. Winning the award shows the quality and dedication that went into making this thoughtful broadcast..

Padre Fran was certainly keen to make an impact “When Helen asked me - I knew the message of hope from the Gospels would add to my stories about the young soldiers - true life experiences - making Remembrance a thought provoking time for listeners to stop and think and remember” he explains.

The award shows the ongoing commitment to quality religious broadcasting that BBC Radio Merseyside have offered over the years showing how faith can bind us together  In a region where faith and religion still has a strong resonance to be able to speak into these situations is incredibly important.

Padre Fran was delighted to be part of the award winning broadcast. “I was well chuffed that it puts St John's on the map too as the award is not just for me for me it’s for my community in Walton. But more importantly it's about the people I served alongside. They are a fabulous group of men and women and deserve every recognition they can receive”