Life Call Seminar - Phil Stone

Phil Stone, Director of the Scargill Movement, tells us what is in store for his LifeCall seminar on September 29th.

What is your role – what do you do?
I am the Director of the Scargill Movement. What that means is that I lead the community and the ministry that is offered at Scargill House which is an intentional, international, ecumenical christian community living in the Yorkshire Dales.

Why did you agree to host a seminar at this year’s LifeCall?
I am passionate about Christian community as a way of mission and discipleship.

What will your seminar be looking at?
New monasticism - what does it really mean? It sounds very grand but actually it is very down to earth and asks us to look at relevant questions such as What is discipleship? How can we be counter-cultural in a society that is so individualistic and consumer-centred?

There is a craving within many christians for authentic discipleship, and intentional christian community is a place where this is being discovered.

Who is it aimed at?
Bono from U2 famously wrote in one of his songs: 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for...' For many there is a hunger for more, to belong and to discover an authentic way to serve Jesus in our society. Those who are searching for God's direction may find this seminar helpful.

Why should people come/what will they learn from your session?
We will look at the twelve marks of new monasticism, how it is now described as a fresh expression in the church; We will begin to look at the varied ways that new monasticism is being explored in the UK and beyond.

How did you feel God calling you into what you do?
Having done 22 years of parish ministry in inner-city London, I felt God was calling me into a new adventure and try to take seriously Jesus' call to 'follow him'. Leading the community at Scargill House, and developing the ministry that we offer can be described as 'adventuresome love'.

How excited are you about LifeCall 2012?
Very! I am looking forward to meeting people who are beginning to explore God's call upon their lives and that is always very exciting.
Phil's seminar, 'Life in all its Fullness: Introducing New Monasticism, will take place at 12.45 in the Cathedral Concert Room. 

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