Life Call Seminar - 'All Called?'

Pioneer Minister Richard Gedge tells us about his seminar 'All called? World transforming whole-life disciples'.

Richard Gedge is leading one of the many inspiring seminars at ths year's LifeCall. Here he tells us what is in store.

Richard's seminar is titled: 'All called?; world transforming whole-life disciples'.

Richard, what is your role – what do you do?
My title is 'Pioneer Minister - workplaces' and I'm in my final year of curacy training. I have been helping people explore the integration of faith and work, and also helping St Peter's Woolton journey towards becoming a Church of whole-life disciples.

Why did you agree to host a seminar at this year’s LifeCall?
My experience is that we often need the help of others to discern who God has made us and what he is calling us to be and do - it is something worked out within Christian community and with key friends and mentors.

My own journey over the last 10 years, wrestling with vocation and calling, makes me want to share with others who are testing and exploring what God is saying to them.

What will your seminar be looking at?
I am a firm believer that God calls people as much to veterinary science as he does to being a vicar, as much to be a painter as he does to being a priest! In this seminar we will look at the broad breadth of ways that you can serve God in line with his purposes in the world. For some calling will mean to go; for others it will mean being sent to colleagues, community and family.

Who is it aimed at?
Those who are trying to discern God's call on their lives and perhaps unsure whether being a full-time priest is the call.

Why should people come/what will they learn from your session?
You'll hear something about the impact you can have as a whole-life disciple. You'll hear some testimony from someone who has found their vocation in the workplace, and from an ordained person who also works as a physiotherapist.

How did you feel God calling you into what you do?
The answer to this question is still current for me. I know I was called when I became a Christian at age 16, and ever since to a life as a disciple and an ever deeper walk with God. Ordination was part of that journey, but the journey goes on!