"Lewis presents us with a vision rather than an argument"

This year's thought-provoking Archbishop Blanch Lecture was delivered to a packed crowd at Liverpool Hope University by Professor Alister McGrath.

Over 400 people gathered to hear this year's lecture at Liverpool Hope University. The subject focused on C.S.Lewis and exploring how we can develop his approach further in preaching, apologetics, and teaching people about Christian faith.

Professor McGrath spoke on four connecting themes, giving us food for thought on what Lewis says to us today about Christianity and contemporary culture. Lewis presents us with a vision rather than an argument for Christianity as a truth. The vision carries conviction. Focusing on the importance of imagination and stories McGrath explored Lewis' use of story to communicate values and truth. In the Chronicles of Narnia, each character has their own individual story given a new meaning and significance through becoming part of the greater story of Narnia. Faith is allowing our own story to become part of something bigger. The shift in today's cultural mood gives a new importance to images and makes stories more powerful to many than arguments. In the final section of the lecture, McGrath calls for us to follow Lewis' example of translation. We need to translate the Gospel message into terms that an audience can understand being sensitive to vocabulary and concepts.  

Some comments from people in attendance at the lecture include: 

"It was excellent. I have come away with a few ideas on how we can move forward in the challenge of translating Christianity into something rich and vivid and routed in human experience" 

"Amazing. C.S Lewis is very relevant to all denominations of Christians and every mind in contemplation." 

"Very good. Lots to ponder. I am a curate so I'm wanting to get stuck into making Christianity relevant to all people, not just the social elite." 

"Very understandable and challenging."