Knowsley Students look forward with Hope

Pupils at Hope Primary School in Knowsley are celebrating the first six months in their new joint school.

Pupils in Knowsley have celebrated the first six months of their new school community.

The brand new £6.8million purpose-built Hope Primary School opened in April 2011, and is the first joint Roman Catholic and Church of England Primary School in the Knowsley region.

Bishop Richard officially opened Hope Primary School alongside Archbishop Patrick Kelly in September. The school is our 6th joint school with the Catholic Archdiocese.

The new primary school is on the same Campus as Christ the King Centre for Learning, a joint faith secondary school.

Hope Primary is in the parish of St Luke's, West Derby and has strong links with the church.

Rev Andrew Stott, vicar at St Luke’s West Derby said, “This is an exciting development in the Parish, as we now have a Church school. At St Luke's, we already had an excellent working relationship with St Dominic's Roman Catholic Church, so working together in Hope Primary will be an extension of this great working partnership.

"It is exciting to see how well the children have adapted to their new surroundings in Hope Primary, and I look forward to playing a vital role with the teaching staff in the spiritual and social well being of the children."

Belinda Basnett, Headteacher of Hope Primary said, "Hope Primary is an exciting place in which to learn, teach and play. The 21st century learning environment is bright and airy providing large open spaces which caters for today's curriculum, providing innovative learning opportunities. It helps create a wealth of learning experiences where children and adults are encouraged to explore and take risks in order to achieve their potential.

"Faith and spirituality are clearly lived out in our daily life and are central to the school's values and vision. We are confident that Hope will become a beacon for learning within the community and are proud and firmly believe that we are at the beginning of something very special through our mission together...Believe, Respect, Achieve."

Dr Jon Richardson, Director of Education said "Hope Primary School is another fine example of our determination to provide high quality Christian education. We're delighted to work in partnership with the Archdiocese in developing this fine school."