Kirkby Churches host Easter Eggstravaganza

Churches across Kirkby built on the success of a previous Christmas event to engage with the community in local shopping areas this Easter.

Article kindly submitted by Rev. Jayne VanDenBerg-Owens

If you ventured into the Kirkby In-shops on the Saturday before Easter you may have been surprised to be greeted by Winnie the Pooh and Tigger or maybe even the Queen of Hearts. Venture further in and you will have seen children having their faces painted or making Easter cards.

Puppet shows occurred at regular intervals and details were available about the Easter services and the work of the Anglican Churches in Kirkby.

Whilst children participated in an elaborate Easter Egg hunt around the In-shops, adults wrote down their prayer requests which were nailed to a large wooden cross, or were entertained by the adventures of our puppets: Bert, Lucy, Rosie and Jim and Cheeky Charlie the monkey, who had an interesting rending of the Easter story.

This was the second outreach event in the In-shops following up our Christmas activities. It comes out of our belief that the church should be out in the market place and amongst the people and not just shut away behind the walls on Sundays. By all accounts this day was extremely valuable and a huge success. 130 children participated in the treasure hunt each receiving an Easter Egg as a prize on completion. 110 people asked specifically for prayer, their requests totally covering the large cross.

These requests were taken back to our four churches and prayed over that Sunday and in some cases for the following weeks as well. Many good conversations also took place and much literature was distributed hopefully demonstrating that the church in Kirkby is alive and relevant today.

There was also much goodwill from the In-shop traders who experienced increased trade that day and also from the shops manager who has invited us back again in the summer. Many thanks also to the committed outreach team who worked so hard to make this day what it was.