Keeping it Local - Our first Missional Leader

Bill Addy became our diocese’s first local missional leader as he was appointed to St Barnabas, Penny Lane, Liverpool last week.

We spoke to Bill about his new role, how it can relate to his day job as Chief Executive Officer for the Liverpool BID (Business Improvement District) Company.

Bill has a wealth of business experience and has worked in Fazakerley as a non-stipendiary curate for the last two years But he was attracted to a calling at St Barnabas where he becomes the leader for that community.

“People don’t know what to call me” Bill confesses “so we tend to end up settling on vicar because at least most have some understanding of that. But importantly I am able to act as a leader for the church and congregation, someone to act as a focal point and offer the congregations strategic direction. And hopefully to help them to grow.”

Bill is looking to work alongside Godfrey Butland and Alan Kennedy as part of the Mossley Hill team giving voice and direction to the congregation. “Most of my job at the moment is listening to others and understanding the dynamics of the church” Bill explains. “I want to see what we can celebrate, what needs to change and what we can reinforce. It’s about unlocking the potential. The PCC has that potential; I want to work with them to focus their ideas and energies”.

Bill is looking forward to ministering in a place which is near his home and near where he grew up and went to school. The connection with the community is important to him, being a physical presence and offering a faithful and known ministry in the community. He believes that inevitably being a new leader in the church brings new challenges but also people coming back curious to see what he is like.

There are clear connections with his day job which involves helping businesses grow and thrive. “In both cases it’s all about developing relationships and seeing how people can grow and just giving them the right nudges” explains Bill “this is applicable in both roles. And if I have been given a gift to do that then I am happy to use my gifts in all aspects of my life.”

Bill’s message to anyone considering this is clear. “it’s about a step of faith, getting out of the boat and walking with Jesus. He calls so many of us to be leaders. He may be calling you”.