Keeping it Local - Joe Edgar

Joe Edgar was commissioned as a Local Missional Leader for Worsley Hall Community Church at St Mark's church last Sunday.

Rev’d Will Gibbons comments “Joe is a great fit as an LML, a new approach to ministry that I believe will bring growth at WHCC. Joe is authentically ‘local’, he was born and bred on Worsley Hall. He is ‘missional’ with a focus on growing and making disciples. He is a ‘leader’, his faith in contagious and inspires others”.

Joe has been a member of WHCC since its inception. In his own words he describes how he discerned God’s calling.

“My walk of faith has undergone quite a change recently. Some months ago during my usual quiet times I began to feel that the Lord wanted more from me. I felt the need to deepen my faith but now I began to think being comfortable was not enough.

I started to look around at the people at my church whom I regard as stalwarts of the Christian faith and I soon realised that my own contribution to Christ’s mission was lacking. So I began to seek guidance from God as to how I might serve him in a more effective way. These feelings and thoughts were shared with two Christian friends and also with Rev’d Eileen Taulty. They were all a source of great encouragement.

In the last few months my prayer life and Bible study have become revitalised. I have been leading small groups at St. Mark’s as well as at WHCC and my walk with God is on a different level from where it was a short time ago. When the LML course was first mentioned to me I was shocked that Rev’d Will Gibbons and Rev’d Eileen Taulty would consider me for such a position, but if it is God’s will, then I want to be there for him.”