Keeping It Local – Philip Parr

On Sunday 28th February 2016, Archdeacon Jennifer commissioned Philip Parr as a Local Missional Leader for the parish of St Peter Hindley.

Vision and mission for growth
At the commissioning service Philip said: “Part of my ministry will be to create more people doing more things. Also, I hope to be the person to make different links with the local school, the local community and to create small groups of people who will help me in this mission.”

Philip’s role will be to help his local church grow by developing a vision and mission for growth and supporting others to work alongside him to enable St. Peter's to reach out more into the community. He will seek to nurture the spiritual growth of the congregation, local partner organisations, and the local worshipping community.

He explained: “I've observed that there's great scope for outreach as, at present, there is no messy church, no Sunday school, and no cell groups or bible studies.”

He is exploring fresh ideas for a monthly evening service with a variety of music and guest speakers, inviting other churches and the local community.

Philip is originally from St. Helen’s, and currently lives in Billinge. He was originally an electrician with a coal mining company for 21 years, and for the last 12 years he has worked in accounts and finance, which includes visiting people in their homes.

Philip describes his interest in church ministry as ‘gradual’: “I came back to God, born again, during the miner's strike in 1984.” He brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having been a verger in St Helen’s for eight years and at Manchester Cathedral for a further five years. He was also involved in youth groups for ten years, and was a reader at St. David's, Carr Mill for eight years.

Philip added: “My main interest is people, getting alongside them, and nurturing them towards God. I'm just waiting now for whatever God presents before me.”

His main hobby is watching Preston North End with his boys, and travelling around to places of interest. He said: “I really like preparing sermons and talks on the laptop’, which will come in handy for his new role!