Josephine Butler Conference 2014

On Thursday 24th May over 100 Year 7 students from schools in both Liverpool and Blackburn Dioceses enjoyed a day at Liverpool Cathedral.

This was an interactive day which enabled the students to glimpse into the life of Josephine Butler using Christian Values as the vehicle, as well as the inspirational lives and stories of people of faith.  This was funded through a grant provided by the Josephine Butler Memorial Trust.

The day began with an act of worship in the Lady Chapel and throughout the day the pupils heard about the work and life of Josephine Butler, they engaged with students from Hope University, they interacted with the cathedral’s sacred space and they reflected on faith journeys and values.

On Friday 30th May the cathedral will be hosting the Josephine Butler Awards Ceremony.  This will be set within the context of worship, beginning with a service of Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel, followed by the award ceremony.  This will be an opportunity to celebrate the life and work of Josephine Butler by recognising individuals and organisations working in her spirit in Merseyside today.

Josephine Butler, who lived in the nineteenth century was inspired by her deep Christian faith to challenge the inequalities that she recognised in society.  She campaigned tirelessly for the disadvantaged in Liverpool and she is remembered in the Church of England Calendar on 30th May each year.