Josephine Butler Award Ceremony 2014

The 2014 Josephine Butler Awards took place Friday 30th May.

The main Josephine Butler Award of £5,000 was awarded to IMPACT founded by Mrs Lyn and Pastor Mick Connolly which arose after their son was tragically murdered. Lyn and Mick visit prisons and talk about their experiences. They work closely with Prison Fellowship where they are a great source of inspiration.

The Domestic Violence School Project Award of £2,000 went to St Margaret's Academy and was won by student Jack Agate.John Harding, head of RE said:

 "The St Margaret’s Religious Studies department were delighted to receive the award, but the real value of the competition for us has been in introducing the life of Josephine Butler into our GCSE lessons as an example of a social reformer, and the value of exploring the issue of domestic violence with all of our year 10 boys."

The Josephine Butler Scholarship of £1,000 for an Overseas Trip was awarded to Nadine Daniel, Coordinator of Hope+, the interchurch foodbank and support service which is a partnership of the St Luke's Team and the Two Cathedrals. Nadine will visit food banks & related projects in New York.