Interview with Bishop Graham Cray

An interview with Bishop Graham Cray, ahead of the Liturgy and Worship Conference on February 25th.

Ahead of the Liturgy and Worship Conference on Februiary 25th, Bishop Graham Cray took some time out to tell us what is in store on the day, and his thoughts on mission in the Diocese of Liverpool.  

What attracted you to Liverpool to speak at this conference?

I have been quite involved with the diocese as it engages with mission, and as I believe mission and worship are in a symbiotic relationship I was pleased to receive this invitation and be able to address worship as well.

What are you hoping people will get from the day?

A grasp of the interrelationship of worship and mission and of the importance of worship in the formation of Christian character. New imagination for formative liturgy.

Common Worship is not something you would normally associate with Fresh Expressions – is it important to you?

Firstly, as there is no standard model for a fresh expression, it is not possible to make general statements like this. Common Worship provides the patterns within which the Church of England prays, not just a wide range of authorised texts. It is an important resource for Anglican fresh expressions. (We are an ecumenical organization) .

What does Fresh Expressions have to offer?

The fresh expressions movement is learning about the contextualising of worship as new congregations are planted in a much changed and continually changing mission field. That is relevant to the whole church.

How do tou feel about sharing a platform with Alison Milbank whom you haven’t always seen eye to eye with?

I have never met Alison so I look forward to meeting her. I have some disagreement with something she published recently, but not with the concerns which underlie it, which I share. So I look forward to an enriching conversation with plenty of common ground.

Next week we interview Dr Alison Millbank for her perspective on the conference

Liturgy and Worship Conference

Saturday 25th February, 2012 Liverpool Hope University Conference Centre and Chapel, Liverpool L16 9JD. 

A day conference for Clergy, Readers and anyone interested in liturgy and worship.

In the 350th Anniversary of the Book of Common Prayer, how does our Common Worship continue to shape our life together as members of the Church of England and the wider church? With the rise of ‘Fresh Expressions,’ is it still relevant and important to have common structures for worship? 

How can the resources that exist in the tradition be used creatively to enable worship that forms Christian people and communities today in their common endeavour to be the people of God?

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