Inspirational, insightful and thought provoking

Hugely insightful into what families want and expect from the church

Open the box Baptism Matters Conference was held on 3rd October. Rev Dr Sandra Millar, head of projects and developments for the Church of England shared the findings of the recent National Baptism project with over 135 delegates.

The day consisted of looking at how we welcome Baptism families in their first steps of faith. The sessions were lively and engaging, looking at both the national research, and how as churches we can look to provide a better experience for those that bring their child for Baptism.

The new Baptism resources were shared, along with Sandra Millar’s wealth of experience and humour. Delegates had the chance to browse our own Diocesan market place, with suggestions of how to create a Baptism bag as a gift for families, plus resources for the under 5’s in church.

Several comments from the day included:

“The sheer spontaneity, informal atmosphere, I thoroughly enjoyed the openness of the sessions. It was particularly great to share the blessings of laughter too!” The Church of England should provide far more of these faith opening opportunities ……Congratulations on this one!”

“Hugely insightful into what families want and expect from the church, it makes us really stop and think. An excellent day“.
“Strategies that are based on actual research and listening. Pointers to the materials, websites and other sources. A lively presentation with real stories and humour"

Very Interesting ideas of ways to move forward to make “new” families truly feel welcome and less awkward in an unfamiliar environment."

“Thought provoking, lots of ideas to take back to our churches. Huge potential for a complete re think of the Baptism service! Thank you!”

“Those clergy who missed out on this presentation are missing out on valuable information to improve Baptism and what we do offer to people, ALL should be encouraged to attend!”

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For helpful information sheets on the Baptism bag idea and working with under 5’s in church contact Sue Mitchell, children & families missioner