If you go down to the woods today

The congregation at St Faith's Great Crosby were in for a big surprise as some two dozen teddy bears have made the church their home in a Teddy Bear Trail.

The installation owes its origins to a visit by St Faith’s Men’s Group to the church of St Gregory, Bedale, where a similar trail inspired them.

Each bear positioned around the church represents a feature of the life of St Faith’s. There is Bertie the choir bear, Alice the Chalice, Nigella Pawson the catering bear, Prudence the PCC Secretary bear, Angie the Junior Church Superbear, and more besides. Each bear also has a plaque next to it to explain what each real-life character or group does in church, inviting the young (and the young in heart) to learn more about the full and varied life of St Faith’s.

The bears are sure to be an extra attraction at the forthcoming and popular Christmas Tree Festival also at St Faiths. As the church continues to recover from difficult times in recent years and looks forward to the appointment of a new vicar, they are happy to show that St Faith’s, under God, is alive and well and continuing to be a bigger church making a bigger difference.

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The Teddy Bears of St Faith’s, Great Crosby

Read more about the bears and our church life at www.stfaithsgreatcrosby.org.uk