I consider it a privilege to be an Assistant Bishop in Liverpool Diocese

The ministry of our Bishops is increasingly pressured and Bishop Paul and Bishop Richard are indebted to the support they get from their Assistant Bishops. As two Bishops are licenced to support the mission and ministry of our diocese we start a series looking at their work and calling. We start with a familiar figure around our diocese, Bishop Cyril Ashton.

"I consider it a privilege to be an Assistant Bishop in Liverpool Diocese." begins Bishop Cyril. "There are many things I enjoy ie. Working with the Bishops Archdeacons and Senior team, with staff at St James` House, with clergy and parishes in the Diocese and, of course, the Transforming Wigan initiative. It is exciting and fulfilling to minister alongside +Paul and +Richard and to enjoy the wisdom, grace and fun of Clergy Residentials with them and Archdeacons Peter and Ricky."

When asked how he has found getting to know our dioscese, Bishop Cyril continues "Liverpool is an enriching as well as challenging diocese. There are so very many good things and there is a real sense of purpose in telling everyone the good news about Jesus. I am thrilled with the way transforming Wigan is developing and I feel immensely privileged to be alongside Tim and the Wigan clergy as this unfolds. I enjoy doing Parish Weekends and the opportunities a bishop gets to visit parishes for confirmations and other special events. My visits to some of the schools are always invigorating and inspiring." 

So what advice would he give to our new Assistant Bishops? "I don`t often give advice and would say to the newly appointed Assistant Bishops simply enjoy being part of a great diocese." 

Finally, we are curious to know what you do you relax? We wonder, does it involve motorbikes by any chance? "You ask how I relax. You rightly note my passion for motorbikes and classic cars. Music, poetry, walking, friendships and grandchildren are other sources of pleasure. Particularly our eight grandchildren."