Have a season of invitation in 2014

Take the opportunity to invite someone to join you in church this year

We all love to receive an invitation. That personalised card telling us that we are wanted, our presence desired, that we are important and valued. It can lift the spirits and give something to look forward to.

That principle has driven the successful Back to Church Sunday campaign. Over the last five years churches across our diocese have been able to tap into a national day where we invite friends, family and neighbours to a place we love. Church. It’s contributed to the growth of many churches across our diocese and helped galvanise our efforts to invite people to church. But it’s a one off and churches have often been looking for more.

Linda Jones, Director of Church Growth said “Back to Church Sunday works really well but it’s not enough. If we are to encourage a culture of church going we need to be inviting people to a number of services.”

Hence the Season of Invitation. Between September and December there are plenty of great services we can invite people to. Harvest services, carol services, Christmas celebrations – they all make fantastic opportunities for invitations.  

“we want to make the most of this” Linda explained “every church has awesome opportunities to connect with their communities. We want to help you do that. It’s a season of invitation, a season of opportunity and a time for you to bring people to your church”.

The best way to bring people to church is to invite them. It’s a simple model. Pray about who you would like to invite, send them an invitation, follow that up and offer to meet and bring those whom you invite to the service.

We can help but how we do that is up to you. We can provide posters, flyers, invitations and resources that help you and your church get the invite right. But we want to provide you with what you need. Next week we launch a online survey which will ask you how best we can provide you with what you need to make the most from the season of invitation. From those results we will then fashion some material and support to give you the best possible way to make the most from the Season of Invitation.

We don’t want to prescribe what you should have but make things flexible to work within your budget, to do what you want them to do. You know what works in your area – we want to help you make it work without bogging you down in process or procedure.

Linda said “this season of invitation is too great an opportunity to miss. By encouraging your congregations to invite people, giving them some quality material and making them feel valued I hope that they will experience the joy and thrill of coming to church on a regular basis”

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We want you to use this season to invite people back to your church. We want to design and offer you some high quality resources to help you do this. We want to provide you with what you need. To do this we would like you to spend a short time completing this simple survey.- Thank You.

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