Students get a chance to 'Grill A Bishop' in school tour

Bishop Paul in the hotseat with secondary school pupils
Bishop Paul has begun a year-long tour of CofE schools across the diocese in which young people can ask him whatever is on their mind.

Over the course of the year Bishop Paul will be travelling to every CofE school to enable students to 'Grill a Bishop'. This gives them the opportunity to ask him any question about faith, church matters, politics or whatever. Bishop Paul believes that engaging young people in the topics that matter to them enable him to gain a greater understanding of their lives and concerns.

He began last week at St Michael’s CofE High School in Crosby, where questions included:
  • What does a Bishop do?
  • What's your favourite superhero/Disney character?
  • Does God have a reason for everything?
  • Are you an inclusionist, exclusivist or pluralist?
  • Should we discriminate against other faiths? 
Bishop Paul enjoyed the encounter which kept him on his toes as the students grilled him on one topic to another. Moving rapidly from the lighthearted to more serious topics the students were able to gain a real insight of how the bishop thinks and acts as well as getting his view on some of the important questions of life.

Bishop Paul said: “If our faith is to make a difference in young people’s lives we should be open to their questions and challenges as they explore the big questions. I am delighted to be doing that with them.”

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Bishop Opens Autistic Centre

As part of his visit Bishop Paul opened St Michael’s Autistic Centre which is a centre of excellence for the provision of Special Educational Needs for autistic pupils. He also blessed a plaque dedicated to Gary Church who died in the Hillsborough tragedy.