Going to great heights to welcome people back to Church

Vicar Kate Wharton and the Bishop of Warrington are going to great heights to invite people back to church.

Vicar Kate Wharton is going to great heights to invite people back to church.

Kate, vicar of St George’s in Everton (the Iron Church), was joined by the Bishop of Warrington, the Suffagan Bishop and second most senior clergyman in the Diocese of Liverpool, to distribute hundreds of invitations to the public inviting them to come Back to Church on Sunday 26th September.

There to receive the invitations were members of the public and staff and pupils from the Beacon School in Everton. 

Kate said, “St George’s has a fantastic position on the top of the hill, and it can be seen from all around – what better way to let everyone in the city know that they are all invited Back to Church on September 26th? We hope that the children will take these invitations home to their families to let them know that they will receive a warm welcome if they want to come along.”

Back to Church Sunday is a national initiative. Last year, Liverpool had the fifth highest number of returnees out of every Diocese in the country. The theme of Back to Church Sunday 2010 is ‘Come as You Are.’

Kate added, “Church is for everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you haven’t been for days, weeks or decades. You will be welcomed, and there will be no pressure to keep returning – we just want people to know that we are here for you whenever you need us.”

The Bishop of Warrington said, “I think that people returning will be pleasantly surprised at the church of 2010. Those who have not been back for years will find vibrant communities, where everyone is included. Going to church is not just about sitting in pews and listening, it is about ‘doing’; being part of a community and finding support in others and God. There are some extremely exciting things going on in the Diocese of Liverpool, with many parishes exploring new and innovative ways to reach out and to support people.”