Fellfield Booking 2013

Note from the Archdeacons:

This house is a wonderful resource for clergy and others to benefit from. But please note that there are number of changes this year in who can use it and when.

1. Most importantly, starting in 2013, it will now be possible for non-stipendiary serving clergy to book the house for holidays and reading weeks.

2. Reading weeks: There are only 12 weeks available – outside of school holidays – and we would encourage all clergy to consider making use of these, either on their own, or with other colleagues. But we will now give priority to clergy who have not had one of the free reading weeks in the last three years. So if you had a reading week in 2011 please wait till 2014 before re-applying, if you had one this year, please wait till 2015 etc. Reading weeks may be 7 or 5 days. Where there are 5 day weeks (Mon – Fri/Sat), a few ‘free’ Sat/Sun Reading Weekends may be available

3. Holiday weeks: These can be taken throughout the year and we are trying to allow more flexibility. A week's holiday normally starts on a Saturday afternoon and goes on to the next Saturday morning (7 nights.) We will consider other lengths of stay, but they have to be by arrangement depending on availability.

The 2013 rates are:

Summer season £270 (7 nights) £200 (5 nights) £80 (2 nights)
(May – September)

Winter season £225 (7 nights) £165 (5 nights) £70 (2 nights)
(Oct – April)

Clergy may initially request one week (either holiday or reading) and indicate whether they would like another week which could be allocated subject to availability.

A 10% deposit will be asked for when your booking is confirmed, which should be sent to Claire Evans in the Clergy Housing Department at St James House.

How to book:
The Revd Alan Overend handles all the bookings.
Please contact him ideally by email: alan1overend@yahoo.co.uk
or letter to: 5 Lostock Close, Billinge, Wigan, WN5 7TQ.
Tel. 01744 892210
When you write it helps if you can give alternative dates.

Bookings fees and issuing of keys are handled by Claire Evans in the Clergy Housing Department in St James House (0151 705 2129).

News & Events

Current availability

Weeks are still available in July and August, as well as other times in the year. This is open to all serving Stipendiary and Non-Stipendiary Diocesan Clergy.

Three reading weeks are also available (to be taken outside of school holidays). Contact Rev Alan Overend alan1overend@yahoo.co.uk  01744 892210.