Energising evening for young adults exploring ‘What Now?’

162 people were welcomed to the starry tent at St James in the City for an energising evening of exploring that vital question ‘what now?’

A full line up contributed to a stimulating evening including the Toxteth worship band, inspiring words from Bishop Paul, great conversations and free pizza!  Representatives from Scargill House, Tearfund, PAIS, Internships, Youth and Children's Work, University, St Mellitus and Ordination offered advice and exciting next step opportunities. 

Key speaker Bishop Paul said “This was a most encouraging event. I was delighted to speak with those considering their future calling and next steps. I was able to offer my thoughts on those important questions such as ‘How do we hear God’s voice? ‘What does God expect of me?’ and ‘What are my choices?’ God has given us all an abundance of skills, it’s a privilege to help young adults discover their path and to ensure for the future that we gather the right mix of these skills to create a vibrant and energetic church.”

Emma O'Hagan, Youth and Families Missioner said “During the evening through song, the testimony of ordinand Danny Driver, prayers lead by young people from St John the Baptist Burscough and the wise words of Bishop Paul, God's voice was heard.  We were reminded to keep pushing doors, to listen for the beginnings of a quiet 'whisp', resist the 'nah' voice from inside and encourage one another as we discern our calling.  To embark on a journey of listening, testing, exploring, talking and trusting.”

Emma concluded “Thank you to all those who came and we look forward to following up all the expressions of interest from those continuing to explore 'what now?'  Remember the t-shirt slogan: 'God made me and God don't make no junk!'”

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“I thought it was great”

“Thanks for the event the other evening.  It was good to be involved with it.”

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