Employers Liability Tracing Office

Ecclesiastical have published information about the Employers Liability Tracing Office.

The Employers Liability Tracing Office is a new independent, industry body which has been set up to make it much easier for injured employees to trace their employer’s or former employer’s, Employers Liability (EL) insurers.

Ecclesiastical will be contacting all their affected policyholders directly because they are required to collect and submit a return for each organisation they insure that has EL cover.

Q and A from Ecclesiatical

How does this affect policyholders?
UK organisations including businesses, churches, charities and community groups which pay any employee at or above £503.00, per month, will have been given an Employers Reference Number (ERN), sometimes referred to as the Employer PAYE Reference, by HMRC. This is the reference number for their employee’s income tax and national insurance contributions. If you, or your organisation, have an ERN number we are required to collect it and submit it to ELTO.

The majority of Anglican churches will not have an ERN because they either have no direct employees or each of their employees is paid less than £503.00 per month. If churches do not have an ERN number we still need to record this fact and advise ELTO that they are exempt.

How policyholders can complete their return
Policyholders will need to have the following to hand: ERN number (if they have one), their policy number and name of the insured.

Three ways policyholders can complete their return
On line: by completing a short form at
By email: by sending us the details as listed above to
By phone: by recording the details on our automated system on 0845 601 5671

More than one ERN number?
Policyholders will need to let us know either by email or by phone, because the web form will only allow people to submit one ERN number. If policyholders have more than one ERN number, please include the names of the subsidiary companies along with the information listed above. If policyholders are exempt, just include the information above and add “I am exempt”.