Election of the New Bishop of Liverpool

Following the announcement that the Rt Revd Pauls Bayes is to be our new Bishop, steps are in hand to arrange the next stage in the formal process of his appointment.

This will be his election by the College of Canons, scheduled to take place in the Cathedral at 4.30pm on Monday June 23rd . The Election marks the moment when the Crown’s nomination is put before a body that represents our diocese to receive what the Dean has called, “its formal but joyful assent”.  The Election (which will be preceded by an act of worship) is unfortunately not a public occasion: it is attended by members of the College of Canons only, and they will be formally summoned in due course.  However, the outcome of the Election will be announced at Choral Evensong the same day at 5 .30pm and all are warmly welcome to attend that service.  The College of Canons is likely to be more gathered in greater numbers on that afternoon than it has ever been. 

The Election is an ancient legal process, which links us to centuries of tradition in the church.  It is the first of three necessary steps which must be complete before he can be installed as our Bishop.  It is followed first by ‘the Confirmation of Election’ at which is appointment is ratified in York Minster by the Archbishop of York, and then by ‘the homage’, when Bishop Paul will renew his promise to bear true allegiance to her Majesty the Queen. The installation service, which will happen on November 15th in the cathedral, can only follow when these three steps are complete.

Meanwhile we continue to pray for Bishop Paul and Kate as they continue their preparations to move and be with us in Liverpool.