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We value highly our ecumenical partnerships - together we can do more.

What happens when there are things we would like to do, that aren’t easy or even possible for one church on its own. Who do we look to? Often a neighbouring Anglican parish, but just as easily a local church of a different tradition.

Usually this happens where we are already getting to know Methodist, Roman Catholics and others locally. Sharing our hopes and fears, talking about our local community, praying together. And things happen …
  • sharing a building
  • a community action project
  • staffing a Kidz Klub
  • chaplaincy in FE colleges
  • joint worship Sunday by Sunday
  • outreach-focussed Walking Days
  • planning a Community Sunday
  • exploring fresh expressions of church

And lots more that local churches can share together:
  • mission
  • resources
  • worship
  • buildings
  • ministry
Much can be done informally. As churches move closer and closer, the time may come for setting up a Local Ecumenical Partnership. There are lots of LEPs in the diocese - Canon Law provides an encouraging framework for working together. In particular it’s a great time to work closer with Methodists – there’s a new climate for this, given by the Anglican Methodist Covenant.

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Think creatively where you are. It’s probably been done before somewhere, but if it hasn’t, there’s probably no reason why it shouldn’t!

Linda Jones
Director Church Growth Team
0151 705 2109

Ian Smith
Ecumenical Development Officer,
Churches Together in Merseyside & Region  
0151 709 0125