Debt Signposting training can help many more to access free debt advice

Developed by the Money Advice Trust and available free of charge via the Church Credit Champions Network, this training gives very simple guidance and skills to those coming into contact with people who have debt problems.

Many people are unaware that free debt advice is available to them and will frequently turn to those in their community that they know and trust, such as a carer, community leader or key worker in the first instance.

If your church runs a foodbank, lunch club or any sort of front line service and doesn’t have a debt advisor on the premises then you should consider offering debt signposting training to your volunteers.

Volunteers by their very nature are kind and helpful people, but giving advice on debt is highly regulated and the wrong advice, however well- meaning can be disastrous for those with financial issues. The training will therefore enable individuals in these positions to confidently help many more people to access the support they need.

The training takes about an hour and between 5 and 30 people can be trained at one time. Covering areas such as the various causes of debt, how to respond when someone reveals they are in debt, referring someone to suitable support and the debt advice process.

To find out more please contact Julia Webster at or call 0151 705 2194

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